Vincent Jumper1

M, b. circa 1510
     Vincent Jumper was born circa 1510 at Woodlands, Dorset, England.1

On 11 April 1537, Sir Edward Willughby wrote to Cromwell (not Oliver Cromwell but a deputy to Henry VIII) denying that he or his servants had threatened VYSANT JUMPER, the Keeper of the New Forest, or used any unlawful or vexatious against him. But being a deputy riding forest to the Duke of Norfolk, he presented in writing to my Lord of Arundell, his faults in wasting the King's woods and destroying the King's game. My Lord of Arundell wrote to Sir Will Barkley to make inquiry, who obtained a verdict of thirteen persons in proff of Arundell, saying he would discharge Vysant Jumper for the offences.2




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